Fall Semester  (12 guaranteed lessons September 1-December 31 2020).  
Monthly tuition starting Sept. 2020 will be as follows:
$300 per month for weekly hour lessons
$230 per month for weekly 45 min lessons
$150 per month for weekly 30 min lessons
Spring Semester 2020 will consist of 15 guaranteed lessons from January 1 to May 31.
Tuition is always the same monthly amount.
You will receive a minimum number of monthly lessons.  (Fall Semester, 12; Spring Semester, 15).  You will be guaranteed the minimum number of lessons to be given by semesters end.  You will be required to pay the same tuition fee regardless of the number of lessons you actually receive in a given month.
Payment of tuition is required during the first week of the month. Mail in your payment if you will have a lesson that first week. 
Every effort will be made to arrange makeup lessons, but be advised that your lesson time is reserved specifically to be used by you.  It belongs to you so please use it wisely.
Please be understanding also of my extremely changeable and sporadic Utah Symphony schedule.  I will out of necessity have the need to change times often.  I will make an effort to keep this to a minimum
Daily Practicing Requirements:
Half hour students must practice a minimum of 45 minutes daily
45 minute students must practice a minimum of 65 minutes daily
Hour students must practice a minimum of 2 hours daily.
Students who come unprepared to lessons will be charged 20% more for the next months tuition. 

A limited number of tuition scholarships are available.  You must apply before the beginning of each new semester.  The application is simply an interview with me regarding your commitment, goals and desires.  This can take place at a lesson.   Once awarded a scholarship, you must demonstrate your worthiness to keep it by coming explicitly prepared to all lessons.  Scholarships are generally only for one semester, but can be renewed.
Any student who comes unprepared to a lesson may be sent home.  If this happens more than twice within a semester, the student will forfeit scholarships, and possible termination as my student.  Coming to lessons expecting me to practice with you and do your work with you will not be tolerated.

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