I teach with expertise, skill, compassion, and enthusiasm, with the end goal of preparing a child to be qualified to enter Juilliard, or other like institutions.  I, of course, accept students who exhibit talent and the desire to learn the violin regardless of the end result.  I do not compare the student who wants to make a profession with the violin to the student who, though working as hard as the former, will take his/her life course in a different direction. I teach  students the same and expect the same back from each student in terms of commitment and preparation.  
As a trained and certified Suzuki teacher, I emphasize the correct set-up of a beginning student, take them through the literature in a logical and progressive manner, and serve as a model for my students in all aspects of the art of violin playing.  Coming from a strong traditional background, I teach and play all the major repertoire, including concerti, sonatas, show pieces and of course all the support material in the form of etudes (Kreutzer, Rode, Dont, Fiorillo, Gavinies, Wieniawski, and Paganini) and scales.  In short, I can teach all the way from Twinkles to Tchaikovsky.
Though my teaching is heavily influenced by the Suzuki concept, I have my own method developed over many of years of teaching, performing, and exploration.

I love what Suzuki has done for the level of violin achievement worldwide.  However, I cannot provide a full-blown Suzuki experience due to my own demanding performing schedule.  Therefore, those parents who are overwhelmed by the commitment to a Suzuki program may find my approach a relief  and not at all a comprise.  An open invitation is extended to all to observe my teaching as part of your search for a suitable teacher.  Don't forget this:  though I personally play and teach the top professional repertoire, I love teaching the beginning student.  If you are looking for a beginning teacher, please consider contacting me and getting acquainted.

Dr. Michael Judd Sheranian

< Dr. Michael Judd Sheranian, top violin teacher in Salt Lake City, is also available by way of virtual lessons on FaceTime, Zoom, and Skype!

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